Creating a 3d bookshelf for ESC in Munich

Once again I got to see the results of my work at ACS audio visual solutions.

The plan was simple, create a bookshelf in 3d on a canvas of 11.4 x 10 meters for the European Society of Cardiology conference in Germany.

This was already done before, but to my opinion the shelf back then was too boring, so I wanted to spice it up with statues in the middle (which I downloaded royalty free).

The rest however I created out of scratch. I made a row of books in different sizes, duplicated them multiple times en gave the individual books a touch of uniqueness (is that a word?), by replacing them, rotating them or tilting. I did this so the image doesn’t look repetitive.

The size of the canvas was too big to render as one image so I have placed  12 camera’s in front of the canvas so later I could stitch the images together as one. The result was better than I expected. It was a nice clean print and the client wanted to keep the canvas.

THAT makes the thing that I do… worth it all (believe me, putting these books into place one by one isn’t a walk in the park, well actually it is but walk around the park 12 times!)


Cardiovascular disease is the biggest killer in Europe, accounting for 4 million deaths per year (47% of all mortality). It costs the EU economy an estimated 196 billion Euros per year.
Everything we do aims to advance the prevention, diagnosis and management of diseases of the heart and blood vessels.

Our role: The ESC disseminates evidence-based scientific knowledge to cardiovascular professionals so they can better care for their patients.

ESC - bookshelf 3d render ESC - bookshelf live camera shot wide ESC - bookshelf live camera shot closeup