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Display kiosk

Display kiosk

All kiosk designs are handcrafted custom made products. A 3d pre-visual is sent to our customers and provides a realistic view of the design and highlights specific detailing or other important features which are key to implementation of the new kiosk



One of the services offered by Ligori is developing 3D models for game and product visualisations. The goal is to work together to create a clear end product that you can use in your product presentation, 3d printing, promotional material or videogame.

  • 3D model design & rendering

    3D model design & rendering

  • Game development

    Game development

  • Console & PC kiosks customized

    Console & PC kiosks customized

  • Web & print design

    Web & print design

  • Customize like you want it

    Customize like you want it

We can make your future projects become a reality

We are talented, creative designers and developers who can help create your
videogame embedded in a display kiosk

Concept, 3D, 2D, Game and kiosk designs

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What we do

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  • 3D modeling & rendering

    Photo-realistic production-ready 3D models can be easily inserted in any commercial, presentation or advertising real for effective promotion of the product.

    3D modeling & rendering
  • Game development

    We design, develop and deploy games, and when we are not developing your game we play games ourselves! That is what keeps us going.

    Game development
  • High quality game kiosks

    Photo-realistic production-ready 3D models can be easily inserted in any commercial, presentation or advertising real for effective promotion of the product.

    High quality game kiosks
  • Concept product design

    The data stored in 3D model can be transmitted directly to machinery allowing to automatically start production with pinpoint accuracy.

    Concept product design
  • Concept character design

    A good concept character design is a great start to your game development. Many companies outsource their concept designs so their own core expertise

    Concept character design
  • Web & print design

    We are not just limited to ‘design for print’ – content created may also be exported and used for electronic media inclusive of ebooks and web pages.

    Web & print design

Our designs

Together we can make your ideas become a reality....


During my days at Goldvish I got the privilege to


For a Creative Us project I created a 3d model


Skip or Dip is a game I’m working on specifically


These kung fu mice were created during the mid ’90s


I have been sketching characters all my life and this


The Super asian logo has been made in a 3d


Internet Unie provides managed dedicated server hosting in a custom architecture. I


“No matter what colour you are we can all shine”


The rock was an experimental environmental design for my own


I found a 3d print contest on the internet which


I downloaded Mini Poker Deluxe on the windows phone and


The forest is part of the The rock image which


An organic rendering test is what I was aiming for,


As a 3d concept artist I use digital sculpting a


The company 3DSVP located in Haarlem the Netherlands provides businesses


Everybody knows the commercial of the G-star dog. The company


For Neon People Events I created several flyers which hold


At the beginning of the smartphone era we (GoldVish International)


For a boardgame Kickstarter project the creators wanted to provide


GolVish International’s Equilibrium needed a case for the luxury phone


For GoldVish International I designed the Equilibrium phone as well


The GoldVish International Revolution phone was originally designed by Emmanuel Gueit.


For 3DSVP I made a 3d printable bracelet with a


As the creative director and artist of this game I


Part of the A clumsy adventure universe I had the


For Super asian I created several flyers which hold the information


For Excamedia I created several game related flyers which hold the


For Excamedia I created several game related flyers which hold the


The Excamedia website was not up to date so for


Originally a french boardgame developed by Simon Armanini, Excamedia took


The ANTVR virtual reality kit packaging contained the VR kit,


Sed ut perspiciatis unde omnis iste natus error sit voluptatemtam


Delivering sports goods to companies, associations and clubs Teamsport Equip


This product needed a fully operational web shop where people


I needed a rendering test for metals and diamonds.


As a tribute to Lego I recreated this Lego figure

Games & kiosk development

We can make you an offer that stands out in the crowd Make me an offer

Customize game kiosk designs


At Ligori, our team adapts yo your game development needs, not the other way around


Ligori is in the business of mobile gaming, from PC’s to iphones, Windows phone and Android. We take your game concept and turn it into reality. – a lead-generating, cash-making game platform that represents your company, wheter you’re a game developer or a global enterprise looking to “go viral”


We are your partner in game design, devlopment and we will help you make YOU look good!


Videogames we all like

Ligori thrives on innovation and playfulness. It’s our craft. We try to apply our craft not just as a tool to create fun, but to allow fun and play to become a tool.


Working with Ligori makes you part of a dedicated development team. The core designers, artists and developers stay with you throughout the journey from inception and strategy to deployment and beyond. We’ll design and develop together, while observing the players behaviour. The design evolves as we gather new insights from our shared process and the player’s feedback. Join us and start a journey to unlock the power of play.

Game kiosks for all

While most gaming kiosk projects can make use of existing designs with the addition of branding and a few extra peripherals, there are some projects for which a custom kiosk design is far more suited. Ligori designers can create your own purpose designed product to meet with your exact specifications including the right hardware and components to create a bespoke product that works for your target users. Our custom kiosk project team includes both furniture and software designers and we can handle all aspects of a kiosk project for you from initial ideas through to roll-out, installation and ongoing maintenance.


Our services include

  • Design
  • Functionality
  • Engineering
  • Quality materials

Your game and kiosk combined

I want to know more

Customer engagement

Use the waiting time in boring waiting areas to the advantage of your business and by interaction provide customers with information on your business.

We all love gaming in one form or another


Eye-catching unique design

The distinctive, smart design created by our experienced interior designer can easily complement interior design to underline the uniqueness of the company brand.


Virtual reality

We are regarding Virtual Reality ahead of the competition. Not only do we develop games for VR but are also the exclusive distributor in Europe for the ANTVR. So if you need a VR game ánd a VR headset, we can serve your needs.

Mobile games

We can develop your games for iOS, Android and Windows Phone platform. The games can include in-app purchases, in-advertisements, free 2 play or premium build and social media built-in features. Want data from the players while they play? No problem, we got that covered too!

Serious games

A game can perfectly be suitable for education, (medical) recovery, healthcare and more. At Ligori we care about serious games to benefit health, let education grow and create chances for everyone.

Interactive E-books

Writing a book can be exciting and a long term task but after it’s released what then? Let us help you bring your book to the digital era and make the book more interactive. Use a tablet to make a scene come to live with touchscreen interaction. In this way readers are more connected with your book and it’s characters.

Customize your kiosk with these options

Although starting a prototype on a computer is sometimes easier, it’s not the best way to visually problem-solve. When you need to ideate website layouts or mobile applications or to storyboard workflows and context scenarios, sketching is much more efficient.

  • Mounting for 15/55″ LCD screen
  • Space for standard CPU or console
  • Space for wiring of all hardware
  • Two service door

  • Two locks
  • Color as per choice & availability
  • Wheels and brakes/shoes
  • Spike proof power sockets

  • Ventilation fan
  • Branding
  • Speakers
  • Wireless keyboard and mouse

  • Intergated arcade joysticks
  • Removable arcade joysticks
  • LED lighting

About Us

Feel free to contact us anytime....

Ligori designs is a one man Amsterdam based 3d design and 2D development studio specializing in 3d design, digital marketing and app/software development. Ligori’s comprehensive solutions deliver measurable results that will grow your business, save you money, increase your client base and drive tangible conversions.

Since then, Ligori’s team has expanded further to include several excellent collaborators – E-S furniture design, Kamisachief audio solutions and several software developers and texture artists. Besides creating 3d industrial and concept models, making computer games, the studio also creates production design, websites, flyers and illustrations.

About Ligori

Ligori designs // 3D.2D.Games.Kiosks

Ligori will look for the most suitable and creative solution for your idea or project. The goal is to work together as a team to create a clear end product that you can use in your product presentation for potential investors, promotional material or to impress visitors at your event. The final product will give you another perspective on your plans and convince you an/or potential investors of the feasibility and your choices.

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Our Team
Dwight Ligori

Dwight Ligori

3D industrial and concept artist +31(0)630207458

Dwight Ligori is a 3D character modeller and a concept artist. He has been working in the 3d industry for many years as a industrial designer including 3d printing & rapid prototyping. A game designer by heart he specialises in character concepts and sculpting, but is also skilled in 2d designs like web and print design.

Efraim Trustfull

Efraim Trustfull

Founder +31(0)646321452

As the founder and furniture designer Trustfull combines one of a kind design with a high quality product which will be appreciated by your customers.

Connor Cadellin McKee

Connor Cadellin McKee

3D artist / Developer

Connor's been gaming since he was six years old. Today he is a 3D artist and games developer in England. Working in Unreal and Unity, he handles everything from photoreal games assets to AI.

Kit van de Bunt

Kit van de Bunt

Game programmer +31(0) 648361509

Kit enjoys creating new fun games and solving sophisticated problems. As a programmer he's interested in a lot of things surrounding game development. More importantly creating algorithms like pathfinding, making tools, creating shaders, player mechanics and using physics engines is for Kit a joyful experience.

Dwight Lagadeau

Dwight Lagadeau

Audio composer & sound FX +31(0)630419997

KamisaChief is all about creating awesome epic gameaudio that elevates your game. We produce audio and sound effects that fits your game or app perfectly. We can give your game that extra touch! Bring your idea’s or visions to Kamisachief and we shall translate it into audio.


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Ligori designs is a team of creative and talented designers and developers creating stylish 3d models, games, web, printmedia and display kiosks which your customers will want to use time after time. Ligori designs provide a comprehensive service to our customers which includes custom designs, software, maintenance and ongoing support.

Ligori designs


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Fixed cost projects


In today’s rapidly developing world customers appreciate flexibility in all aspect of work and when it comes to the project estimation it is increasingly demanding to offer business models that perfectly fit a customer’s project needs and business requirements.

We provide the possibility to choose between Fixed Price and Dedicated Artists business models. We also assume an option when some features of both models can be combined into one for the profit of our clients.


What is a Fixed Price business model?


Fixed Price business model is a perfect variant in case when a client has clearly predefined the scope, specifications, deliverables and acceptance criteria of the project. For our part we analyze the requirements and together with the customer agree to a fixed price and deadlines. A client will be charged no additional amount, regardless of the amount of resources or time we expend. We assume risks and provide a low-risk option for the client by signing detailed assignment agreement. However, in case of a major alteration, a client can be charged a prior approved rate of fixed hourly price.



  • Project specifications and deadlines are well-defined
  • Scope of services are discussed and agreed
  • Fixed project price agreed
  • Fixed hourly rate for any major alterations agreed
  • Assignment agreement signed
  • Project development started in accordance with an agreement

Fixed Price model is the best alternative for:

  • Small and medium level projects with well-predefined requirements and deadlines.
  • Companies, who have an urgent need to do the modeling work for some smaller project.



  • Fixed estimation of project costs
  • Clearly specified project timelines
  • Exact development plan and technical documentation
  • On-time, on-budget delivery of a project
  • Low-risk business model
  • Reliability and predictability to the maximum degree

In case when it is difficult to precisely estimate the project cost and deadlines, as well as resources involved in the development process, we recommend clients to choose our Dedicated Artists business model to lower risks.

But to give you an idea of the costs of making a game


The costs of making a game varies depending on a number of factors. The price starts with Ligori from Euro 2500, – euro + vat. In this case, a simple single-player game as Tetris, Memory, Pacman, Word hunt, simple card game, etc. Such a game is developed fully customized so that it visually integrates fully with the rest of your website or enveloping software. A total game package will be delivered, including design, animation and sound effects. Personalized additional background music and audio will be from a price range 175, – euro + vat and up, depending on the audio package.

If the single player game is more complex, which often is the case with platform games or games with lots of levels / variants, the price increases depending on the previously discussed additional complexity. The costs are in practice often over Euro 10.000, – euro + vat for a complete and tailor made ​​extensive single player game.


Multiplayer game


The price will be much higher when it comes to a multiplayer game. The interaction between the players is much more complex than a single player game, which means the cost for making a complete and customized multiplayer game rarely will be below the price range of 150.000,- euro vat. Here you must also remember that a game server is needed and needs to be setup, which has a monthly fee depending on the number of simultaneous (concurrent) users.


Intergrating social media in your game


Please note that the initial amount only includes the game itself. Additional fees are charged for instance, the establishment of the payment, registration / profile system integrated chat functionality, etc. Sometimes a single player game can have a multiplayer aspect, such as a joined highscore list. It will not be like a multiplayer game. Only some extra cost for this aspect. It’s only a multiplayer game as the gameplay itself is multiplayer. Today, customers often want a link with social media. It is important that you realize that this can be done in two ways. It is possible to have a single player game with by share icons, making the game or the website sharable with friends on various social media. The highscore can be shared as well. If the player shares the player’s friends will see it and start playing the game also! This has virtually no extra cost, such as icons to place easy. It is a completely different story at the time to be played via the social media. Such games start at Euro 40.000,- euro + vat depending on the social media platform and must have been fully thought out by the customer and elaborated concept before beginning construction.


Why do you want a single or multiplayer game?


Millions of people play games on the internet daily. If a game looks great and is really fun to play, then it seems to get the attention of a lot of extra visitors. Visitors because players and will  come back and tell it to others. If you use your game to promote your product, players will then more easily remember your product. Games can also be good collectors of personal data so you will know get to know your customers.

When we talk about extensive games such as multiplayer games , you can introduce payment methods such as In-Game-Purchases or Pay Per Game . Even though the initial investment is high, because of this payment model you will receive income and marketing at the same time. Even many years later. All economic reasons pushed aside, a game can also have a positive social effect. As an educational game. Especially for young people, game turn out to be a good way of learning. In addition, agility and computer skills can be practiced thanks to well thought-out games.


Ligori: designer, programmer and maker of all kinds of games!Do you want a game designing and / or program and looking for a good partner to make do with this? Inquire about the possibilities of game design at Ligori. The launch of the game design process precedes a good and informal conversation about design, gameplay, structure and technique. You do not need technical knowledge, but it is important to discuss properly what could be made. After this, it is our turn to develop the proposal. After processing feedback about the design of the game in this proposal, we work out the concept to game. During this period, we will keep you regularly informed of the progress of the game. Finally, the game tested and then integrated into your website or in a different location if desired.


Request a free quote from us, or ask a question!